What We Do

naamsa is a driver and an advocate for the automobile industry representing vehicle brands [passenger cars, bakkies, trucks and buses] across the country.

  • We develop, contribute, and advocate for common interest issues, policies, regulations and positions for and on behalf of the automobile industry;
  • We play a transformative role and contribute to the sustainable development of the country’s productive economy, add value to the automotive industry stakeholders and create prosperity for the people of South Africa;
  • We actively participate in conversations and activities that advance, protect and promote the industry’s competitiveness locally and globally;
  • Act as a dynamic portal for expert knowledge on vehicle-related regulations;
  • Collect, process and circulate statistical information and other key industry data in compliance with the requirements of the South African law and in accordance with industry’s reporting guidelines; and
  • Proactively communicate the role and the importance of the industry, using reliable data and information
The most credible thought leader and respected partner for the automotive industry.