Automotive Trade Manual
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Automotive Trade Manual

The Automotive Trade Manual – 2024 – South Africa publication, previously produced and compiled by the Automotive Industry Export Council (AIEC), has from 2024 been published as a newly branded publication under the auspices of naamsa | The Automotive Business Council. As the acknowledged source of key automotive trade data and other information, this publication, like the 17 publications since 2007, provides a comprehensive overview of the export and import performance of the South African automotive industry under the Automotive Production Development Programme (APDP) and APDP Phase 2 (APDP2). Among the topics covered in the Manual are the top automotive export destinations, the major countries of origin, the main export trade blocs, the top automotive products being exported and imported, as well as the top growth markets and products. The Manual further explores the impact of the trade arrangements currently enjoyed by South Africa in the trade of vehicles and related automotive components.

A fundamental driver of success in an ever-changing global and domestic landscape is the ability to analyse and interpret data, which is a powerful tool to propel a business’s success. A slew of challenges is currently reshaping the trajectory of the automotive industry, globally and in South Africa, exerting pressures that are fundamentally transforming its landscape. The more complex and uncertain the world becomes, the greater the demand for clear insights from data to provide a more predictable roadmap through economic disruption and political turmoil. Converting data to insights, therefore, is imperative, as the strategic and operational value of data grows exponentially once it has been refined, processed and transformed by way of unlocking learnings and discernments to improve operational efficiencies. By leveraging the actionable insights secured through data analytics, businesses can gain a competitive edge which can ultimately be the difference between market leadership and market parity.

This publication provides a wealth of market intelligence and serves as an essential source of information on the South African automotive industry for national and international stakeholders seeking to develop sustainable business models and growth strategies.

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