Our policies, practices, and behaviours at all levels of the automotive industry value chain are critical elements of our corporate reputation. Corporate governance, compliance and our marketing standards are examples of disciplines that help shape our behaviour and our collective reputation as a sector. It is this engagement, commitment, and the pride of all our members, that determines the quality and expression of our corporate reputation. Corporate Social Investment [CSI] is not just a tick-box exercise for us but a vehicle through which naamsa and all its members will contribute in a meaningful and sustainable manner to the communities we serve.

This CSI report is a celebration of some of our programmes we have elected to invest in. It is these projects that add real value to people’s lives and reflect our commitment in everything we touch as naamsa, the Automotive Business Council. For us, Corporate Philanthropy is an essential part of our corporate behavior and we support CSI because collectively, our members are:

Compassionate about adding value to life;

Responsible corporate citizen and patriotic;

Kind, caring and generous; and

They believe in promoting humanity and touching people’s lives.

We invite you to connect with our Sustainability Report, which we will update regularly as new projects are shared with naamsa from our membership base.

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