SAAW Pre-Activation Activities


Webinar Activation

In partnership with PWC, we will activate three webinars during August and September as a build-up into the SA Auto Week …
1. “As is” scenario of the Auto Sector: “ENERGIZE”

The webinar will focus on captivating and creating prosperity for industry stakeholders looking at the following:

  • where is the auto sector moving globally vs. domestically?
  • what are the economic and social impacts of shifting to NEVs in South Africa?
  • how will the SA automotive value chain be affected?
2. RoadmapfortheAutomotiveSector“ELEVATE”

The webinar will focus on progressively shaping and influencing public policy dialogue looking at:

  • painting the picture of what a successful and attractive automotive sector looks like in South Africa;
  • what regulatory changes and other driver for change are needed to bring about this success?
  • what pressures are automotive companies in SA facing to shift to NEVs?
3. Bringing the right people together “ENGAGE”

The webinar will motivate and drive industry’s contribution to economic recovery and growth and will focus on following:

  • who are the major players involved in achieving the change?
  • what action needs to be taken to drive the success of SA’s automotive sector?

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SA Auto Week 2022