Request for Information (RFI)

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An Enterprise Development Opportunity To Be Delivered During The South African Auto Week



naamsa | The Automotive Business Council is the industry body for automotive companies in South Africa, with a membership that includes manufacturing, retailing and heavy commercial OEMs [Original Equipment Manufacturers]. As conveners of the South African Auto Week [SAAW] which is scheduled between 24 – 30 October 2022, naamsa would like to invite black and women-owned companies with ambitions to actively participate in the auto value chain to pitch their auto industry business ideas or propositions to a panel of funders for possible funding opportunities.


This RFI is an Enterprise Development Programme which is designed consistent with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment [B-BBEE] legislation and other related policies. The shortlisted and successfully selected businesses to this RFI will be supported in line with Code: 400 of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice as amended.


This RFI is intended only for applicants Black Owned Enterprises operating within the automotive sector who are classified as either Exempt Micro Enterprises or Qualifying Small Enterprises as defined in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. Applicants must be businesses which operative with a profit-making objective and must be juristic persons in line with the Companies Act.


At a high-level, this program will be delivered according to the following phases:

  • potential candidates/businesses will be selected in line with criteria outlined under Section 3 of this RFI;
  • candidates will be shortlisted to 15 businesses based on alignment to expectations of naamsa and its implementing partners;
  • a competition format of selection will be followed during the South African Auto Week to identify the overall winner of the program; and
  • the winner of the program will be granted support in line with a Service Level Agreement which will be concluded upon their selection.

naamsa retains the right to cancel this RFI or process at any stage without consultation as outlined in the “Description of Scope” and without any notice given to applicants should circumstances require such. Further to this, naamsa can cancel and remove an applicants should they be found to have misrepresented facts or sought to mislead naamsa and its partners. Applicants and the winner of the program agree to furnish naamsa with any reasonable information, data and documents for audit purposes which includes but is not limited to the internal audit, financial audit and B-BBEE audit of naamsa and partners to this project.


In line with the scope of this RFI, and its description as outlined in the previous section, applications to this RFI must meet the following criteria:

  • all applicants must be black-owned enterprises as defined in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice without the application of any enhancement factors or exclusion principles which result in a higher than actual black shareholding/ownership percentage;
  • all applications must be in a position to prove that their black shareholding is not passive by illustrating involvement, decision making, management and statutory responsibility by black shareholders;
  • written proof must be provided to show that the applicant provides products and/or services to the automotive sector or can provide product and/or services to the automotive sector;
  • all applicants must be good South African corporate citizens with reference to compliance with the laws of the country;
  • Only businesses with gross revenue not exceeding R50 million can apply based on their recently completed financial period and projections for the current financial period; and
  • Applicants with shareholding from large companies [R50 million or more in revenue] or who are part of group of companies which can be classified as large companies cannot apply for this RFI.

As part of minimum submissions for this RFI, the following documents must be provided,

  • CIPC proof of registration;
  • Most recent B-BBEE Affidavit or CIPC B-BBEE Certificate [must be valid at submission date];
  • Company profile [must provide information on experience, and current clients where available];
  • Profile of shareholders; and
  • Proposal on immediate and medium term needs and plans.