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Active Education

ACTIVE EDUCATIONis an organization that was established in 2011 through the then IMPERIAL HOLDINGS.  It was developed as a Road Safety initiative to establish basic Road Safety rules into the school curriculum by means of fun activities to promote recall (E.g. through catchy songs and actions).


A Bush Baby mascot – BONGI – was introduced to encourage enthusiasm around the ROAD SAFETY program, which was really well received by all the school children. Not only is he life-size, but Bongi is also blue – and proudly wears a PPE mask at this time.


Two years ago, with the Imperial & Motus Holdings de-listing, Renault took over the sponsorship of Active Education. At this point, 2 x Renault Duster vehicles were sponsored for movement from school to school, to enable continuation of this invaluable program.


The mandate of Active Education is to visit both community and Model-C schools in an effort to infiltrate Road Safety back into the curriculum.


Since the inception of Active Education, approx. 1.6MILL school children have been reached and 1,800 schools visited.


The DUSTER vehicles have allowed for continued travelling to schools with the easing of Lockdown rules over the Lockdown period, Active Education has also assumed the role of education around and distribution of PPE material to increase awareness of the threat of Covid-19 and necessary precautions.


Active Education has predominantly visited Primary Schools, but visits to High Schools have been included alongside the K53 education program.


Activations at schools include donation of Road Safety reflective sashes and safety belts, for safe road crossing.


Over the period of Renault’s sponsorship, 150 schools have been visited and 147,000 children reached.


Spend –  R620 000

I Am An Enterpreneur

I AM AN ENTERPRENEURcaters for all classes of entrepreneurs, from start-ups to well established businesses, as well as anyone who wants to start a business. The format includes skills workshops and masterclasses from experts in various business disciplines as well as learnings from the journeys of successful entrepreneurs, all with the single-minded objective of helping the entrepreneur succeed.


In addition to the partnership with FNB, I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR is supported by some of South Africa’s leading corporates such as Barloworld, Shoprite, MTN, and Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa who send entrepreneurs in their Enterprise & Supplier Development Programmes to attend the Summits across the country. Renault is the sole vehicle sponsor and has been with IAAE since its inception, 2013.

Renault is a brand that enables people to get closer to their passions. A partnership with IAAE is one that allows the brand to bring this positioning to life by finding opportunities to aide these entrepreneurs on their way to unlocking their full potential.


This year the programme will cover the entrepreneurial mindset and why passion and purpose are critical to see one through the tough times. Digital tools available to help entrepreneurs be more productive, and better ways to market your business online.




A series of events held throughout the year in different regions across the country due to Covid-19 all Summits are done though Digital. Acclaimed Speakers/Mentors from different industries provide practical solution and guidance to entrepreneurs


Spend – R500 000

Wheel Well

We are proud to have been in partnership with WHEEL WELL since 2012. With it being the only NGO that focusses exclusively on children in road safety.  Every child has the right to safety, but the reality is that not every parent can afford a safety seat, especially at a time like this. Through WHEEL WELL, used car seats are collected, assessed through compliance checks, refurbished and distributed to families who are in need of support.


Through this partnership and the wonderful support from the community, over 9,000 children have benefitted from car seats, used and new.


Consumers support this ongoing initiative by donating your used car seats to WHEEL WELL, through drop-off at any Renault Dealership.


Wheel Well’s branded Kangoo sponsored vehicle has been a stalwart team member within their organization especially during Covid-19 Lockdown. Because of the restrictions in movement families could not donate their seats through the normal channels when WHEEL WELL opened as an essential service in May.  The Kangoo does 2500kms monthly and it’s this that Wheel Well have made it possible to stay viable and open to the community that they serve.

Spend – R250 000
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