Our Contribution To The Economy

naamsa plays an indispensable transformative role that contributes directly to the sustainable development of the country’s productive economy.  The automotive industry is a major industrial and economic force that adds real value every day, by providing mobility; facilitating trade; creating sustainable jobs; moving people, goods and services; and by serving communities and creating prosperity for the people of South Africa.



As a pre-eminent industry representative, naamsa actively and responsibly represents, promote, advance, and protect the interests of local manufacturers and assemblers of passenger, light, and heavy commercial vehicles as well as major importers and distributors of new vehicles in South Africa.  As you may be aware, the automotive industry contributes 6.4% to the country’s GDP [4.0% manufacturing and 2.4% retail] and accounts for 30.1% of the country’s manufacturing output. We are the country’s 5th largest exporting sector out of all 104 sectors and accounts 13.9% of total exports.