Goodwork Foundation

 Located in the Hazyview area in Mpumalanga, the Goodwork Foundation is reimagining education to create innovative digital learning campuses, responsive programs and demand-led social enterprises, all working together to create an accessible, opportunity-packed world for our next generation of rural Africans. The Goodwork Foundation’s funding has been directly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, as they rely heavily on the surrounding Kruger Park lodges for funding. The Mazda Foundation therefore, has decided to support with the donation of financial funds to cover operating expenses in the next financial year. 


Khula Education

Khula Education (supported by the David Rattray Foundation) is located in KwaZulu Natal, and focused on providing quality education to all children in the area. Previously, the Mazda Foundation supported this initiative with the donation of one BT-50, and one Mazda2. For this financial year, Khula Education will be supported with the donation of 30 fully equipped IPads. The sourcing of these IPads is done through the iSchool Africa educational trust. 

Viva Foundation

The Viva Foundation of South Africa specialises in developing and presenting programmes, projects and initiatives aimed at addressing risks and socio-economic challenges faced by vulnerable and under-privileged members of the South African society including children, women, youth, unemployed and the disadvantaged. The Foundation runs an independent school in the Alaska Informal Settlement, Mamelodi, in Gauteng. Previously, the Mazda Foundation supported Viva with the donation of funds to have 2 shipping containers transformed into fully equipped classrooms. Schoolbags made from recyclable billboard material, and other stationary, were donated. 

Between these three projects, the total financial contribution is ZAR 762,000. 

In addition to these projects, the Mazda Foundation has several other project that we actively engage in – details can be shared if required. 




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