Fiat launching first two electric cars in South Africa
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Fiat launching first two electric cars in South Africa

Stellantis has confirmed that it will be bringing its first two electric vehicles (EVs) to South Africa in 2024. As reported by TopAuto, the Fiat 500e hatchback and Abarth 500e hot hatch will be arriving on showroom floors in the second half of the year. The Fiat 500e is a fully-electrified rework of the iconic three-door hatch that has been around for 67 years.

The sportier Abarth 500e boasts the same 42kWh battery pack as the high-end Fiat 500e. However, it features a more powerful motor with up to 113kW output and 235Nm torque, making it capable of 0—100km/h acceleration from a standstill in 7.0 seconds.

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