Executive: Legal, Compliance and Company Secretary


1. About naamsa

naamsa | The Automotive Business Council is a non-profit company [NPC] established and registered to house the activities, assets and reserves of an industry body which represents the collective, non- competitive interests of the new motor vehicle industry in South Africa. All major multi-national automotive corporations operating in South Africa are members of naamsa.


Our vision is to be the most credible thought leader and a respected partner of a globally competitive and transformed automotive industry that contribute to the sustainable development of South Africa. It is our mission to play a transformative role towards a cleaner, safer, and sustainable industry that creates prosperity for the people of South Africa. Our purpose is to responsibly advocate for just mobility solution.

naamsa strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • advocate, lobby, promote, advance, protect and represent the interests of the auto industry;
  • promote trade, foster and stimulate growth for and on behalf of the auto industry;
  • actively participate in conversations and activities that advance the automotive industry’s
  • competitiveness locally and globally;
  • act as a portal for expert knowledge on industry regulations;
  • collect, process, and circulate statistical information and other key industry data in compliance with the requirements of the SA law and in accordance with auto industry’s reporting protocols;
  • proactively communicate the role and the importance of the auto industry in the economic life of SA.
Strategic Objectives

The four defined strategic objectives that naamsa must achieve to bring its vision to life are:

  • Public Policy | shape and influence the operating environment;
  • Transformation | invest in sustainable and value adding initiatives to advance socio-economic progress;
  • Data Management | optimise the stock of knowledge; and
  • Growth | resource for success.
Our Values

The three core principles that guide naamsa’s internal conduct as well as our relationship with our members, government, partners, and other stakeholders.

2. About The Role


Executive: Legal, Compliance and Company Secretary



naamsa Head Office | Lynnwood Ridge | PRETORIA


Reports To

naamsa Chief Executive Officer


Purpose of The Role

naamsa seeks to appoint an Executive: Legal, Compliance and Company Secretary who will be an internal custodian of corporate governance and act as naamsa’s Legal Advisor. The incumbent will be expected to ensure that the integrity of the NPC’s governance framework remains robust; provides legal counsel to the Company; ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements; and ensure the efficient administration of all naamsa Standing and Governance Committees. The incumbent will support the naamsa CEO with the implementation of all decisions made by the Board of Directors and the CEO Advisory Council [the Council]. The successful candidate needs to understand public policy formulation processes and should have proven track record of success in drafting of government regulations and/or legislation, and provide specialist and strategic legal advice across all aspects of the naamsa ecosystem.

The three core principles that guide naamsa’s internal conduct as well as our relationship with our members, government, partners, and other stakeholders.

3. Main Responsibilities and Duties

  • prepare legal documents; contracts; opinions; policies; and procedures for naamsa;
  • review, comment and contribute towards the development of auto specific regulations; legislation; government policies; and position papers on a broad range of topics;
  • review and act upon any legal issue that have a potential to affect the industry and/or have an impact on the collective interests of naamsa members;
  • consider any legal matter that could have material impact on the auto industry in SA;
  • proactively identify and support naamsa in relation to legal matters of a non-competitive nature which may be beneficial to the industry including, but not limited to, drafting of industry codes.
  • support naamsa to observe and be fully compliant with all applicable laws of the Republic;
  • provide legal advice for naamsa in all its business dealings internally and externally;
  • be accountable for all compliance, risk management and mitigation strategies and processes;
  • design and oversee all naamsa‘s legal policies and develop new ones as required;
  • guide the naamsa Board, the Council and management on regulatory and compliance issues;
  • assist with drafting company materials including announcements as appropriate;
  • keep naamsa’ governance records up to date and ensure all statutory registers are maintained;
  • receive, monitor and keep up to date with all legal, regulatory and legislative developments;
  • provide secretariat support to all naamsa Standing and Governance Committees;
  • assist with the drafting of Board and Council pre-reading packs, and ensure that all packs are assembled and distributed in a timely manner;
  • attend, prepare agendas, take minutes and follow-up on matters arising from all governance meetings and resolutions and keep records of all approved minutes, and attendance registers;
  • consult with the Chairperson of each Committee in preparation of agendas and structuring and distribution of the meeting packs;
  • ensure that the Company Secretarial support function delivers to agreed scope and timescales; and
  • perform any other lawful and mission critical function as directed by the naamsa CEO.

4. Essential Requirements

  • at least 3 – 5 years of relevant experience in a similar role and an LLB Degree;
  • track record of success in highly demanding organisations operating in highly regulated spaces;
  • knowledge of the relevant laws, rules and regulations of the regimes as applicable to the auto sector; §good CIPC knowledge and experience in all company lodgements/amendments;
  • good understanding of the Companies Act 71 of 2008, MOI, King IV;
  • ability to work independently, under pressure and pays attention to detail; and
  • strong minute taking skills.

5. Skills And Attributes

  • proven track-record and experience in writing skills; minute-taking; and writing position papers;
  • understanding of the regulatory, policy, political and parliamentary processes and dynamics;
  • experience in managing and building strategic relationships with member companies, partners and other key stakeholders with whom naamsa interacts with;
  • tested ability to manage and address complex, contentious and sensitive situations in and around the working and operational working environment;
  • a confident and articulate executive with superior intellect, professionalism and aptitude for learning;
  • the candidate will be an accomplished facilitator and negotiator interacting internally and externally;
  • must demonstrate the ability to secure buy-in at all levels within and outside naamsa;
  • resilient, grounded executive able to handle challenging situations comfortably and calmly;
  • shows a strong understanding of the automotive business; regulatory; social and political environment; and understands factors; trends and issues which could influence the naamsa’s business performance; and
  • a strong communicator with a clear and concise presentation style, who can convey, with consistency, naamsa’s vision in a manner that is readily accessible and understandable to all.

The closing date for your applications is Friday, June 30, 2023 at 16:00. Late applications will not be considered. Send your comprehensive CV to Mme Theresa NEL: theresa@naamsa.co.za


Thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you.


Best wishes,
naamsa | The Automotive Business Council

The most credible thought leader and respected partner for the automotive industry.