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SA Automotive Market Volumes (Before COVID-19)

SA Automotive Market Volumes (During COVID-19)

Impact of COVID-19 on the SA Automotive Sector

The uncertainty surrounding the duration and severity of the COVID-19 crisis makes it hard to anticipate how a recovery could unfold for the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant effect on markets and commercial activity will likely present a range of challenges to the Automotive industry.

Automotive Corporate Social Investment

Since the announcement of the lockdown, the South African automotive industry has been actively involved in several initiatives driven by many of our members to support the country’s efforts to prepare the public health system to respond to some of the challenges imposed by COVID-19 in many of our communities across the country.

COVID-19 Overall Impact on Industry Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic relates to three simultaneous shocks; health shock, which will stretch the resources of South Africa’s healthcare system to its limit; economic shock, which will substantially reduce the SA fragile economic growth even further; and consequently the demand side relating to sales and exports.

Automotive Industry Transformation Initiatives

The Automotive Industry Transformation Fund [AITF] is a R6 billion industry-wide initiative, earmarked to transform the industry by broadening and deepening the participation of black and historically disadvantaged entrepreneurs, in efforts to grow and develop the South African automotive industry. The fund’s mission is to accelerate the empowerment of black South Africans within the auto sector.

SA Resource Portal for COVID-19

Access all you need to know about government strategies on COVID-19. The South African Resource portal contains information on Lockdown regulation link, Alert level explained, Risk adjusted measures, ministerial statement on COVID-19, and Economic guidelines & reliefs.

Need help to re-open your business safely and legally?

The Return2Work coalition has provided easy-to-follow roadmaps for small and large companies to ensure that all guidelines and resources are in place for each level of the lockdown and to help businesses stay open.

BizPortal is a platform developed by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) to offer company registration and related services in a simple seamless digital way which is completely paperless. It was developed in response to the quest of improving the ease of doing business in South Africa, specifically, starting a business.

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