Chief Projects Officer


1. About naamsa

naamsa | The Automotive Business Council is a non-profit company [NPC] established and registered to house the activities, assets and reserves of an industry body which represents the collective, non- competitive interests of the new motor vehicle industry in South Africa. All major multi-national automotive corporations operating in South Africa are members of naamsa.


Our vision is to be the most credible thought leader and a respected partner of a globally competitive and transformed automotive industry that contribute to the sustainable development of South Africa. It is our mission to play a transformative role towards a cleaner, safer, and sustainable industry that creates prosperity for the people of South Africa. Our purpose is to responsibly advocate for just mobility solution.

naamsa strives to achieve the following objectives:

  • advocate, lobby, promote, advance, protect and represent the interests of the auto industry;
  • promote trade, foster and stimulate growth for and on behalf of the auto industry;
  • actively participate in conversations and activities that advance the automotive industry’s
  • competitiveness locally and globally;
  • act as a portal for expert knowledge on industry regulations;
  • collect, process, and circulate statistical information and other key industry data in compliance with the requirements of the SA law and in accordance with auto industry’s reporting protocols;
  • proactively communicate the role and the importance of the auto industry in the economic life of SA.
Strategic Objectives

The four defined strategic objectives that naamsa must achieve to bring its vision to life are:

  • Public Policy | shape and influence the operating environment;
  • Transformation | invest in sustainable and value adding initiatives to advance socio-economic progress;
  • Data Management | optimise the stock of knowledge; and
  • Growth | resource for success.
Our Values

The three core principles that guide naamsa’s internal conduct as well as our relationship with our members, government, partners, and other stakeholders.

2. About The Role


Chief Projects Officer


Reports To

naamsa Chief Executive Officer


Purpose of The Role

The Chief Projects Officer will give support, direct and coordinate the implementation of all naamsa focus areas and strategic projects, initiate, design, and implement project plans and monitor the delivery of all project timelines. The incumbent will identify and develop working relationships with project sponsors at all levels and ensure that naamsa members and sponsoring representatives are kept informed of project activities and are encouraged to participate as required. The Chief Projects Officer will provide and ensure seamless and consistent communication with and between the project leads and sponsoring teams at critical points during the implementation of all projects.

The three core principles that guide naamsa’s internal conduct as well as our relationship with our members, government, partners, and other stakeholders.

3. Key Responsibilities

  • support naamsa in its advocacy and lobbying missions and contribute towards the development of key industrialisation and localisation specific regulations, government policies, legislation, and position papers on a broad range of other auto specific topics;
  • identify the skills, capabilities, technologies, and materials the supply chain ecosystem needs;
  • identify supply chain challenges which affects the auto industry and propose how naamsa should address and develop appropriate responses;
  • participate, support, shape and influence the work of the EOC Localisation Workstream;
  • support the naamsa evidence-based review of the SAAM35 assumptions on localisation;
  • individually and collectively encourage and attract new NEV global suppliers to invest in SA localisation project;
  • support connections or linkages with other stakeholders driving for domestic or regional localisation outcomes;
  • ensure that all naamsa projects are implemented in accordance with agreed timelines, are within budget and meet naamsa’s expectations;
  • proactively liaise with our strategic partners such as NAACAM, AAAM, AITF, RMI, NADA, Government departments, parastatals, and other key stakeholders on key strategic industry projects that advances and promote the interests of naamsa and its members;
  • manage project risks, including the development of contingency plans;
  • monitor overall progress and use of resources, initiating corrective action where necessary;
  • coordinate and manage all Master Plan related projects that supports the six SAAM objectives and the vision and quarterly reports to the industry;
  • identify and obtain support and advice for the management, planning and control of projects;
  • conduct project evaluation review to assess how well projects were managed and implemented;
  • prepare follow-on actions and recommendations; and
  • support and act as the Chairperson of the naamsa Industrial Development Committee.

4. Essential Requirement Skills and Attributes

  • a Master’s degree or equivalent post-graduate qualification in projects planning, management and execution or related disciplines;
  • a minimum 10 years with senior operational or management experience;
  • must be proficient in working with numbers, analyse tables and complex data sets;
  • strong project management experience and ability to multi-tasks will be an added advantage;
  • proven track-record and experience in data gathering, processing, analysis and managing reporting tools; and
  • experience in managing and building strategic relationships with member companies, partners and other key stakeholders with whom we interact with.

The closing date for your applications is Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 16:00. Late applications will not be considered. Send your comprehensive CV to Mme Theresa NEL:


Thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you.


Best wishes,
naamsa | The Automotive Business Council

The most credible thought leader and respected partner for the automotive industry.