CEO Report

naamsa | the Automotive Business Council, through its network of members is committed to play a transformative role and contribute to the sustainable development of the country’s productive economy. Our mission is to add real value to the automotive industry stakeholders and create prosperity for the people of South Africa.


In 2021, we launched the naamsa Dreams Academy, the industry’s collaborative response to our transformation ambitions and how we intend to invest in socio-economic progress in South Africa. Some of our Corporate Social Investment [CSI] programmes showcased in this sustainability report, provide the foundation from which we build the industry’s reputation as a good neighbour for the communities we serve.


This sustainability report sets forth naamsa’s commitment to bring different CSI projects implemented by our members so that this work becomes an intrinsic part of our corporate behaviour. This will enable us to deliver our messages and actions consistently and ensure that the substance and the impact of our programs and initiatives is improved across all our interventions through the naamsa Dreams Academy.


The industry’s corporate reputation must first be established and cemented amongst our members, whose pride is in our collective mission to contribute to the sustainable development of the country’s productive economy. Our socio-economic practices are critical to our collective success. As our industry’s best ambassadors are each of our members and will be encouraged, more than ever before, to participate in the naamsa Dreams Academy and all our CSI programs, wherever possible and appropriate. Our commitment clearly lies in our contribution to the communities and societies we serve, and we will not be distracted from this important task.

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